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At TransLinked Translations we are dedicated to one thing: providing you with the highest quality Amazon listing translations, so make more sales.

We are the ONLY agency on the market that offers Listing Optimization for all international markets, in all languages – keep those listings updated!

We take care of every process that delivers you a listing in your chosen foreign market: European (German, Spanish, Italian or French), Turkish, or Japanese. This includes:

  • Translation of your listing
  • Foreign language sales copy
  • Foreign Language Keyword Research

If you are looking to expand into new markets and maximize the earning potential of your current Amazon listing, then these three processes are critical.

  • If you don’t have a quality translation – you lose sales
  • If you don’t have sales focused copy – you lose sales
  • If you don’t have quality foreign keyword research – you lose sales

What We Have Done for Amazon

Amazon Translation Vendor, Amazon Listing (SKU),  AWS, HR, 5 million words in total

Areas of expertise: cosmetics,electronics,commodities, IT, HR

Language pairs: English, Korean, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

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