Patent translation and foreign filing services for leading law firms and companies. Reduce your patent translation and foreign filing costs by 35%. Monitor and track your legal spend. Accurately forecast your global IP lifecycle costs.

Having translated numerous documents over the years for simple to most critical cases, we understand the importance of patent translation accuracy and subject matter expertise in each assignment. Accordingly, we engage only experienced language and subject matter experts, who have been translating patents and other associated documents in various technical domains for years.

Areas of Expertise: Electronics, IT, Medicine, Material Science, Automobile, Machinery, Blockchain, etc. 

We have translated more than 50 million words in total, all WIPO listed. Contact us for More sample cases and submit file to estimate your translation budget.

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More than 50 million words about patent have been translated in the past ten years.

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10 in house patent translators

100+ freelance patent translators

Work with 50+ patent agencies and law firms

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we ensure translation quality?

We know Patent translation is all about quality and thus TransLinked Translation have put in place various mechanism to ensure clients get only quality work. The process of quality checks start right at the time of recruitment wherein we employ only those patent translators/editors who hold technical degrees such as PhD or other relevant higher degrees with an understanding of patent literature. The translators we work with have been selected based on their technical expertise, meticulous translation ability and outstanding client servicing capability.

How long does a translation take to complete?

The rate at which translation is done depend on various associated factors like context, complexity and layout of the text; still on an average a translator completes 1500-3000 words per day.

In what format, files should be given for translation?

We prefer documents those are provided in electronic format like MS Word because it can reduce cost and delivery time both.

Can you guarantee my project will be kept confidential?

Yes, we take the full responsibility of confidentiality of your documents and thus we sign NDA with all our esteemed clients before taking up any such project. You can rest in peace that any information provided to us will never be disclosed to any third party, under any circumstances.


Apart from this all our translators and editors are bonded with Confidentiality Agreement that prevents them from disclosing any such confidential agreement to people other than those specified.

Can you provide further insight into the use of manual translators versus CAT tools?

Regarding CAT tools vs manual translators, please note our observations below:


  • When it comes to technical manuals, which are likely to have a number of terms repeated throughout, CAT tools may be very useful. However, when it comes to translating patents, where variation of meaning behind each word and sentence may be different in different patents, this technology is unsuitable and ineffective.
  • Also, especially when quality of translation is to be done keeping specific jurisdictional laws in mind, CAT tools may not be as useful.

Hence, we believe to use CAT effectively, one must know both languages really well. Else, one will not be able to detect the shortcomings of the software and, won’t be able to produce unambiguous high-quality translations.

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