Portuguese Language Translation: Audience Expansion on 3 Continents

Because Portuguese is the 3rd most spoken language in Europe, it expands any audience or target market considerably. It is well worth having English to Portuguese translation for your website, business manuals, technology guides, and anything else reaching an international community. Or, perhaps you need direct communication with a Brazilian or Portuguese audience for business travel and presentations, academic lectures, or other reasons. Whatever the case may be, TransLinked Translation can provide you with any regional or localized professional Portuguese translation you need. Get an instant Portuguese language translation quote from the top menu within seconds. Simply insert or upload your text, choose your language, and you’ll have a detailed estimate immediately.

Portuguese Language Translation: Europe to South America

English to Portuguese translation can vary in many ways, depending upon which continent the audience lives. The Portuguese language is the official language for, and spoken by the people of, countries in Africa, Europe, South America (Brazil), and to a lesser extent, Asia and Oceania. There are some differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese, and even further still, differences for African Portuguese.

  • Brazilian Portuguese is understood by the European Portuguese, but the reverse is not always true. This is because Portugal often broadcasts Brazilian t.v. shows, radio, etc, but Brazilians rarely, if ever, hear European Portuguese.
  • Though for the most part the various dialects and regional variations of Portuguese are mutually intelligible, the differences are primarily in the accents and vocabulary, although grammatical differences are also pronounced in several dialects.
  • Differences can occur grammatically in infinitives and gerunds. Again, the Brazilian way of speaking may be acceptable or also correct in Portugal, but the Portuguese way of speaking may come across odd or out of place in Brazil.
  • There are regional dialects of Brazilian Portuguese as well. In general, the more removed from metropolitan areas and cities, the more that European Portuguese will not work for Brazilians.

Differences like these are important to remember, in order to ensure you are given the correct regional Portuguese language translation for any given document. If your audience for a product or service is primarily Brazilian, you would not want to use European English to Portuguese translation. We has a network of over 5,000 translators worldwide, including both Brazilian and European Portuguese translators.